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Terms Of Service

This section of the website will cover our usage policies and terms of service.

Usage Policy:
Eclipse Upload is not responsible for any unethical or illegal actions you as a consumer may commit. By using our service, you will agree that any of the following actions are disallowed:

- Probing, scanning or vulnrability testing of our website or network.
- Breaching our networks and gaining un-authorized access to our systems.
- Access, tamper or use features/areas of the site in which you are not obliged to use.
- Access, search or modify accounts and/or files without the use of our support interfaces. Such as 'scraping' or developing software to automate tasks on the website.
- Use the service provided for aid in any malicious or unethical actions, such as spreading your files for spam or virus infection.
- Promote or advertise any products or even services that you are not entitled/have rights to without the proper authorization.
- Circumvent storage space limits.
- Re-sell our services without our consent. - Upload or share content which are unlawfully pornographic or indecent or represent acts of extreme voilence or terrorism.
- Breach the privacy or infringe the rights of other individuals or organisations.
- Violate the law in any way, shape or form, such as fraudulent or misleading content being associated with our services.

DMCA Policy:
Eclipse Upload respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects its users to also do the same. In accordance with the Digital millennium copyright act of 1998, the text of which may be found on the U.S copyright office website at Eclipse Upload will respond to claims of copyright infrigement committed using the service and/or website.

If you are a copyright owner or authorized to act behalf of one, please report alleged copyright infringements taking place on or through the site by getting in contact with us. We will not tollerate the sharing of copyrighted material, without consent.

Terms of Service:
Whilst you use our services, you as the user will be held responsible for the interactions you make with the website.
The content that you share using our website will not be 'ours' and are still owned by the actual owner of the product/service. By uploading your content to our site, you acknowledge that we may host,backup and share these files to public requests.

If you have privacy problems or wish that your files are not access by everybody with physicall access then please do not use our service. We will not be held responsible for un-authorized access to your files.

We may update this page (usage/terms and others) at anytime without any notification or consent to/from the user.